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  • Mashable makes $15,781 per day
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  • Engadget makes $9,861 per day

What Do These Sites Do Differently, Or Better, Than Those Earning MUCH Less?

3 Things:

FIRST, they have authority sites attracting a huge RANGE of visitors … that are extremely user-friendly with topics broken down into categories

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SECOND, they have boatloads of content … many employing huge teams of writers & freelancers so they can update multiple topics per day.

More content from more sources = MORE passive income.

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NewsBuilder Pro is like having your own full-time team of writers creating new content for your sites. Now you can add fresh new content from a total of 438 unique sources ...

More updates from more unique sources = more traffic and higher profits.

Authority Sites That Maximize Traffic & Passive Profits

The advanced theme inside NewsBuilder Pro lets you create multi-category, authority sites that drive FLOODS of traffic. You’ll get more visits, provide an improved experience for users … and make MORE passive income.

Get MORE Clicks To Monetized Offers

The NewsBuilder PRO theme includes widgets that AUTOMATICALLY increase clicks - and income - on your ads & offers. No guessing - each widget positions your monetized offers in EXACTLY the right place to maximize clicks & profits.

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Multi-category, authority websites attract a wider range of visitors AND increase time on site. And because your NewsBuilder Pro sites are passively monetized … more traffic & longer site visits translate DIRECTLY into higher income.


It’s one thing to create a site about, say, nutrition tips for men over 40. It’s another thing entirely to become the GO-TO-SITE for fitness & nutrition for women & men of ANY age. Suddenly you’re pulling in an audience 4-5X larger than the typical niche site … and all that free traffic turns into MORE passive income from your monetized sites.


The TrafficBuilder software included with NewsBuilder is incredibly powerful … But if you stick with limited niche sites, you’ll have to run multiple traffic campaigns to get the best results. With your authority NewsBuilder Pro sites, traffic gets much easier & faster. Now you can set up simple set & forget campaigns driving targeted users to multi-purpose sites … making you MORE passive income … with FAR less effort!


Ever go to a chain restaurant and wonder why your eye is drawn to certain menu items? They’re put there for a reason - they’re the money-makers and the restaurant wants them to stand out.

The exact same science applies to websites. Ads & offers make you the MOST money when strategically positioned on your website. It’s not guesswork - it’s 100% science - and NewsBuilder Pro EXPLOITS this science to maximize passive income from every site visitor. Instead of struggling to figure it out for yourself, the widgets included inside NewsBuilder Pro automatically post your ads & offers to OPTIMIZE your profits.

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Let’s Be 100% Transparent

You don’t need the Pro upgrade to make NewsBuilder work.

If you’re satisfied with possibly 3 figures per day and running regular traffic campaigns to make it happen … you’ve got all you need.

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NewsBuilder Pro access is limited to a set number of users … so if you’re just window-shopping & plan on refunding … please move along and leave the spot open for someone that really needs it.

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